Eliah & Tyrese

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I get tired and bored of jerking my own cock. I decided to give my hands a rest by having Eliah come over for some stroking good times! This white boy’s body was sculpted from marble and his good looks got my black cock real hard. Eliah teased my black cock by massaging every inch of skin. His rough hands knew their way around a black shaft and my cock began pulsating in anticipation of shooting out some jizz. I wanted to make this gay encounter last as long as possible. I laid back and Eliah took every inch in his hands as I was in complete bliss. Eliah left no patch of skin void of lotion or his magical digits. My fat nut sack? No worries. Eliah played with those until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I made a complete mess of the place as Eliah made sure that my balls held nothing in reserve.

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